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We provide products and services for international sovereingity.

FLAGTHEORY.COM - Flagship site with ationable information to develop your offshore plan.

PASSPORTS.IO - Compare residency and ctizenship options and apply now.

INCORPORATIONS.IO - Compare international companies and incorporate now.

BANKACCOUNTS.IO - Compare international banking options. (coming soon)

If you are a nomad, bootstrapped, expat, software, ecommerce, affiliate or internet entrepreneur, we can help. 

Products and Services

Your first consultation is always free. Contact us today. 

Your Solution.

If you're interested in global planning our staff is waiting by to give you support every step of the way. We love working with expats, investors, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, ecommerce, affiliates and software business owners. We are ready to build your solution for your unqiue situation.


Residency and citizenship plays an important role in global tax planning. We can legally obtain a visa, residency, or passport in the right jurisdiction for your needs. We cover the globe and have local partners in many different countries around the world. 


Incorporation is our bread and butter. Let us do the paperwork and heavy lifting, so you can get back to running your business. We offer quick, affordable, competitive  incorporation services. Our incorporation planning takes into consideration many different factors. 

Custom Plans

Do you need a whole structure, perhaps with advice from a lawyer or an accountant? 
We have a global outlook and build plans that put our clients first. Let us put together a team and a plan to solve your unqiue problem and find your solution in this complex business environment. 

Merchant Accounts

We will build you a complete strategy for success. If you need a payment processor or merchant account, we'll take this into consideration when we plan your structure.

Secure Backend Platform

We have an industry leading secure customer portal. You can send us KYC files with banking level security. Our backend platform makes it easy, private, secure. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a 100% satisfaction guarunteed process for all of our clients. We will substitute you with an alternative product, or provide a refund in all cases. 

Clear Pricing and Budgets

We are clear and honest with our product pricing. There are no hidden fees and we will work to fit your budget constraint. Contact us and let's start the conversation. 

What Our Clients Say


"If you are running an online business or eCommerce business you need to pay attention to banking and merchant accounts. I cannot express the importance of having merchant accounts and offshore merchant accounts. Flag Theory helped me get my merchant accounts setup properly"

-Dan Faggella, Silicon Valley
Science of Skill,, TechEmergence LLC

"Most professionals only have experience in one jurisdiction, and don't think internationally, which I needed! Highly recommend Flag Theory for complex company setups"

-eCommerce Entrepreneur, Thailand
(name withheld for privacy reasons).

"Flag Theory helped me to navigate the confusing world of internationalization optimizing my business and personal finances. As an online freelancer and entrepreneur, this was invaluable."

-John Mcintyre, Berlin
The McMethod, Drop Dead Copy

"Edmund of Flag Theory was our guide, sounding board and trusted advisor when it came to internationalizing our life and business. He's very responsive and we felt that he was right next to us, advising us every step of the way (even though we are living different parts of the world). Don't even try to internationalize your life without a trusted advisor!"

-Jeremy Wong - Hong Kong
Major Affiliate Marketing Website